* In the web browser, the official website of Air Canada Airlines is browsed. When the site suggests, the traveller should navigate to the main menu's Book option.

* The Manage Bookings facility is chosen in the dropdown menu under the Book option.

* This portion of the website allows you to manage your flight, hotel, and other bookings.

* On the following page, the traveller must provide the booking reference number as well as his or her last name. The ticket may be accessed using these data, and any necessary adjustments to the flight ticket can be made. When the right information is provided, the itinerary is displayed, and the traveller can modify their flight here.

* You may alter the flight by altering the source, destination, or date. When storing or making changes to the information, keep the airline's policy in mind.  

* The ticket may then be saved and submitted when the modifications have been made.  

* Finally, a new booking confirmation is sent by email or text message to the address specified on the ticket.  

* The e-ticket you obtain here is used to check in for your flight, either online or at the airport.  

* The Cost of Changing an Air Canada Flight is determined by the kind of ticket purchased.



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