Jin Lark said, the crowd immediately stirred up, plus I did not speak, many timid people are standing to the left, I said coldly: "Jin Lark, please don't fool around, here is neither yours nor mine, you and I will leave the planet of Allah, let them still live their own life, I promise you, you and I will return to Earth." I give you the whole person, no matter what you do I will not resist, if you insist on staying in the planet Ala, insist on killing, hum, I tell you, the winner may not be known. The reason why I made the sacrifice is that I know the character of Jin Lailing. She is definitely not only satisfied as the king of the Demon Domain of the Ghost Capital. She is ambitious. When the time comes, she will launch a war. The planet of Ala will not be peaceful from now on. I am afraid that Gulu Ling is doomed. Therefore, it is worthwhile to sacrifice me to keep the planet of Ala and the Demon Domain of the Ghost Capital. Jin Bailing grinned proudly and said,Magnesium Oxide price, "You have to try your sincerity first. Now you take off your hypocritical clothes, crawl on the ground, and bark as a dog for all the people here to see. If you do well, I will believe your words. When the time comes, I may be willing to go back to the earth with you. However, when you get to the earth, you have to be my dog for a lifetime. I will tie you with chains,Magnesium Sulphate price, take you to the street, and lead you in the street." Let a thousand people see, ten thousand people see, what do you think of my idea? I said, "As long as you leave them alone and come back to Earth with me, I can do anything." When I finished, I began to take off my clothes. Gulinu and Gulinong had passed and hugged me. Gulinong said, "Your Majesty, don't you want her life?"? So what if I die? If I live, I would rather choose to die with the dignity of the emperor. Your Majesty, we are fighting, dead or alive. I have no complaints. As long as I can be with the emperor, heaven and earth are happy. If the emperor yields to her, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, I will commit suicide immediately. Gulinu also said, "Your Majesty, we sisters are of one mind and will follow your Majesty to the death." I thought, since they are not afraid, what am I afraid of? Besides, we are not necessarily not the opponent of Jin Bailing. The dead are the dead. The struggle for the throne is always the dead. I made up my mind to prepare to fight Jin Bailing to the end. Many people were moved by our affectionate embrace. Some ministers shouted: "Your Majesty, we support you and Queen Gulinong. If you want to die, you will die. If you fight for your country, death is nothing. We can't let this vicious woman succeed. If the throne is taken away by this vicious witch, I believe that there will be no more peaceful days in the Demon Land. This vicious woman will certainly start a war." There is no more peace on the planet of Allah. The minister was a man of insight, and many ministers supported what he said. Jin Lark first saw that Gulinu and Gulinong were deeply in love with me, and her eyes were full of jealousy and anger. At this time, when she saw more and more people supporting me, she became angry from embarrassment. With a whistle, a Gollum beast ghost slave suddenly attacked the minister who had just spoken. When I heard the whistle, I was prepared. I saw the Gollum beast ghost slave and threw a stick out. The Gollum Beast Ghost Slave was stabbed by my magic wand. The magic wand was so strong that it rushed forward with the Gollum Beast Ghost Slave and nailed him to the beam of the hall. Suddenly, all the people cheered. Jin Bailing shouted angrily: "It seems that you fools are toasting and don't eat. They are all people who don't want to die. Well, I'm here to kill today. Let you bleed like a river and let you know how powerful I am." Jin Lark spoke Aramaic today. Although she was a little stiff, all the people present could hear her clearly. When she finished, she suddenly whistled, and the four grunts started to attack me. I made a leap and took back my crutches. Because there were four attacks at the same time, I was caught by them several times. Fortunately, I couldn't catch my skin. Just for now. I don't want to hurt them. On the other side, Gulinu and Gulinu were fighting against Jin Lark and Bai Qiannian. At first, it was a little hard. At this time, a military officer joined the battle. The situation was quickly reversed. Jin Lark and Bai Qiannian were soon at a disadvantage. Everyone was happy. But at this time, Jin Lark whistled, and a grunt beast ghost slave left my side and suddenly grabbed a minister who was fighting. The minister was succeeded by him. The poison in the claws of the grunt itself was injected into the minister's body, and with another bite, the minister rolled on the ground in pain and even opened his mouth to bite. Everyone was stunned. Another minister was killed, and I was entangled by three other Gollum Beasts. I couldn't get away at all. As soon as the Gollum Beasts attacked, I immediately relieved Jin Lark and Bai Qiannian. Jin Lark said loudly: "From now on, I will kill whoever resists. If there is no resistance, I will accept him as a minister and let bygones be bygones." Gulinu stabbed her with a sword and said, "Don't listen to her. Let's go together. As long as you kill her, those grunts will not be a threat. There are so many of us. Why should we be afraid of her?" The two wounded ministers on the ground were crawling and rolling, and the screams made people's hair stand on end. They tore their wounds with their hands. Soon, there were insects crawling around in the wounds. All the ministers were stunned and dared not start. Only Gulinu and Gulinong, as well as the minister who had opened his mouth before, were left to deal with the golden lark and the white millennium. There is a monster hovering over their heads, and my side, three monsters I can not do anything about them for a while, the situation is temporarily deadlocked,caustic calcined magnesite, and Gulinu Gulinong is no match for Jin Lark and Bai Millennium, plus the minister is at most a draw, and Jin Lark and Bai Millennium slowly gained the upper hand. stargrace-magnesite.com