Are you awake? Are you hungry? Li Zu handed over the lunch box in his hand, which he had just packed at the restaurant. Well, I'm really hungry when you say that. Thank you. He Kui squeezed out a smile. Li Zu found a chair to sit down, and the bright incandescent light in the room made his eyes tingle a little, probably because he had not slept for two days and one night. He was slowly bowing his head to eat, Li Zu was watching her silently, and only the sound of He's chewing echoed in the room. He actually knew that Li Zu had been looking at her, but she dared not look up, which would embarrass both of them. The two men lying and sitting in the room were arguably the most important men in her life, her husband and the only man she had ever loved from the bottom of her heart. Although he and she had never really been together for even a second, the sweetness and attachment that flowed gently from the bottom of her heart when she saw each other was something she had never had and would never forget. He Wei has a stubborn heart that is contrary to her supple surface. When she was in college, she understood from many literary works that love must be fought for by herself, but there is always a great distance between reality and literary works. The plots designed in her heart again and again disperse in her heart. Had it not been for that time when she read a poem by Li Zu in the school magazine, she thought she would never have had that unforgettable waiting behind the library in her life. She kept her head down. She ate the meal for a long time, but she didn't eat much. She just kept chewing and grinding the food in her mouth until it turned into liquid and flowed into her stomach. He Wei, the attending doctor yesterday is still on the night shift today, I want to visit him later, ask Cheng Hai's situation, by the way, ask if there is a better treatment, do you want to go together? Li Zu saw that he had eaten almost enough and asked. You go. I just want to stay here and tell me when I have good news, okay? He Kui stood up,Pi tape measure, opened the curtain, pushed the glass window open, and a slightly chilly autumn wind rushed up urgently, blowing the curtain hunting. Uh. That's all right. "Li Zu hesitated for a moment and said," You should also pay attention to your health. Cheng Hai will be all right. I don't want to see you both fall down, or Cheng Hai will be unhappy when he wakes up. " He turned around and smiled helplessly at him. "I will." Then another evening breeze came in and blew her short hair up. Li Zu's heart moved, as if it was the first time he had appeared in front of him in the university. He Kui took a look at the stunned Li Zu and said, "Will Xiaoyuan come over later?" Li Zu immediately woke up and replied, "Not necessarily. I didn't sleep last night. I may still be in bed this time." He didn't dare to tell him about their quarrel in the morning, and he couldn't tell whether Wu Xiaoyuan would come to the hospital or not, so he had to say it casually. He Wei, then you have a good rest. Have I gone to see the doctor? Then he fled out of the ward. The doctor has gone to work and is in the duty room. To Li Zu's surprise, Walking tape measure ,Fish measuring board, the two policemen were also there. They greeted each other. Hello, let's investigate Cheng Hai's injuries, "Xiao Chen said first." Oh, "Li Zu nodded lightly, then turned to the doctor and said," Doctor, I also want to know how serious Cheng Hai is? What are the chances of recovery? The doctor looked at Li Zu and said: "The patient is mainly injured in the brain, and there is no trauma in other parts of the body, so as long as he can wake up, it is equivalent to recovery." "So what are his chances of waking up?" "It's hard to say. There is no really effective way to wake up sleeping patients in medicine so far." Li Zu was silent, in fact, the answer was somewhat in his expectation, and he had heard a lot about vegetative people. Xiao Dong looked at Li Zu and said, "Don't worry. Now science is advancing by leaps and bounds. Maybe tomorrow someone will say that some medicine has been invented to make patients wake up immediately. Anything is possible in this world now." Li Zu looked at him with a wry smile. "However, I have a suggestion-" the doctor said: "You can try Chinese acupuncture, although this method we do not agree with Western medicine, because it lacks direct evidence to prove its scientific nature, but as far as I know, there have been many such examples in China, and many clinical successes, although I do not know whether it is the credit of acupuncture. But many cases of awakening have tried acupuncture. As soon as Li Zu's eyes lit up, he quickly stood up and went to the doctor. "Doctor, is what you said true?"? Do you know where there is a good acupuncturist? I'm willing to pay any amount of money. "Well, I'll think about it." The doctor said. Next, the atmosphere in the duty room was more lively. Even Xiao Dong and Xiao Chen also participated in the discussion of traditional Chinese medicine. They talked about Li Shizhen from acupuncture and moxibustion, and even the story of Cao Cao's opening his head. The more they said, the more confident Li Zu was, as if the broad and omnipotent traditional Chinese medicine could wake Cheng Hai up immediately. Just then, there was an exclamation in the corridor outside, "Ah-" the voice was shrill, as if frightened. Xiao Dong and Xiao Chen were the first to react and ran out quickly. Inside corridor also nurse ran, somebody is calling: "It is the sound of 304 rooms." "Ah-Cheng Hai!" Li Zu immediately reacted that 304 was Cheng Hai's ward. By this time, Xiao Dong and Xiao Chen had rushed into the ward first. Li Zu went in with his feet. Everyone was surprised by the scene in front of him. He Kui lay on his side on the ground, with blood flowing from his forehead. When he saw someone coming in, he quickly pointed at the window with his finger. He could not speak a few times in his mouth. It was obvious that he was suddenly frightened and lost his voice. Xiao Dong immediately rushed to the window and looked under it. Li Zu's first reaction was to rush in front of him, pick her up and shout loudly: "Doctor-doctor-quickly save people, quickly-" Immediately,horse weight tape, doctors and nurses scrambled to pick him up and ran to the emergency room. Li Zu and Xiao Chen hurriedly turned around to check Cheng Hai lying on the bed. When they heard Cheng Hai's calm and peaceful breathing, they breathed a sigh of relief. Sleeping Cheng Hai knew nothing about everything around him. Indeed, he was not disturbed. Even the sheets on his body were neat.