"Instructor there I must take time to help you explain, I think you certainly did not communicate the problem well, I go to help you say good words, you first recuperate." As soon as Zhou Quan left, Old Wen jumped up, took out the bag of instant noodles from under the bed, crumbled it and stuffed it into his mouth: "Explain for me?"? Don't be hypocritical. He is your leader. How dare you shit on his head? I believe in this. Shi Fang has been busy doing one thing these days. He Shang lost his key. This is what he tried to bring into prison. It is the sustenance of his soul. It is also the idea of his struggle here. Not long after the last nightmare ended, his son came to visit the prison and brought the news of his wife's death. This is the last gift his wife gave him before she died. This is the key to the door of their house. With this key, he Shang can open his own door with his own hands after he is released from prison. That feeling is wonderful. He can enter the house freely without restriction. This is absolute freedom. His daughter-in-law has thought about it for him early. She is the most willing woman in the world to understand he Shang. From this point alone, He Shang is happy. But now the problem is that the key representing his happiness is gone, and he is trying to recall what happened on the day of the irregular prison clearance, hoping to find the person who took his key. The prison area is regularly cleared twice a month, which is no problem. Everyone only needs to hide dangerous goods and contraband such as blade instruments, ropes, sticks, toxic and harmful drugs, inflammable and explosive goods, cash, negotiable securities, valid certificates,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, obscene books and periodicals, audio-visual articles on the day of clearing the prison. However, the prison's irregular spot checks once a month have become a problem that everyone can't guard against. This kind of spot check is mostly due to the response of the higher prison management authorities after receiving the enemy's situation and illegal developments below, which is unpredictable. He Shang usually put the key under the mattress, and when he was homesick, he would take it out and look at it, but that day he went to the toilet, the people above came down to clear the prison,stainless steel needle valve, and then his key disappeared. Shi Fang advised him: "You should be satisfied. According to my guess, the key was not taken away by the police." Who else would it be if it wasn't those people? They have so many rules that they don't even leave me a key. Cast very calmly said, "you think, if they took away, you can still sit here and talk to me?"? It would be nice not to beat you to death. He Shang calmed down and thought, yes, although it is a small key, it also belongs to contraband, although it is small, it can completely kill people. Now he was drawing his key on the paper with a pencil in his hand, and cast felt that he was a little possessed. Cheer up! What's the use of drawing these blindly? He Shang tilted his mouth and said happily, "Brother Qi, I have a photographic memory, especially for my family's things. As long as I have seen them, 14 tube fitting ,stainless steel tube fitting, I can draw them. I draw the key and take it out when I miss home." "Stop, stop, stop. If you don't brag, you will die. You have a photographic memory. If you have the ability, you can draw it for me again." He Shang waved his pen and drew, "See, this is the key to the gate of Singapore Airlines." Release the eyes to look at the past, it is really a model, "true or false, who knows what key this is, you have seen the Singapore Airlines door key?" "Yes, once Wang was afraid of falling down when he went to the toilet and asked me to hold it for him. I peeked at him a few times. This Wang was really able to squat. He persisted in the toilet for an hour. My legs were numb and he didn't come out." He Shang's words are still not fully believed, but he is very curious, this curiosity is not out of thin air, if he Shang really has this ability, then the big plan he hides in his heart is more than a chip from success, which he did not expect. He wanted to verify the truth of He Shang as soon as possible, but there were too many activities in the prison area, and he was afraid of making mistakes, so he put it down for the time being. 42 Special Commutation II Special Commutation II Xu Jian put Qiu Caiqian's words in his heart, and he realized the particularity of the commutation and parole activities and the seriousness of the operation. So he personally looked at the progress of all the prisoners in the second prison area. He focused on the five aspects of sentence, family situation, age, physical condition and criminal position. After three days of careful checking and notes, he called Quan Yao to the office and invited Xiao Liu out. Quan Yao, the task assigned by the warden is a big test for us. I think so. Those elderly sick prisoners, you say they can't work. They eat free food inside every day. Some of them don't even have the ability to commit crimes. These people should be cleared out of the house. The reason why the second prison area is lifeless is because of these old bones; Also, ah, I found that some prisoners will be released from prison in two years. These people, ah, used to behave very well, and they don't want to cause trouble to the government any more. Two years have passed in the blink of an eye. You see if these people can be given a commutation of sentence. If they can be released, they will be released. If there is one more person, there will be one more pair of chopsticks. Give them to eat. It's not so much. If they don't give it, they are afraid of starving to death If you are sick, you have to treat him. Well, you have to spend money to live anyway. You can do it as you see fit; There are also prisoners who call the warden again and again outside, saying that they want to go out. The warden asks us to find a way to solve the problem by ourselves. You say that these rich people are either felons, corruption or smuggling. The sentence is so heavy that we have to find a way. We can't just let them go. There is another problem. You must pay attention to it. This year's new criminals are not easy to deal with, and you also realize it. What I mean is that you also have a little vision. You should discover more good seedlings and find a good successor in advance. Don't end up lifting a rock only to drop it on your own feet. It's too late to cram at the last minute. After listening to Xu Jian's work deployment, Quan Yao was puzzled, but at the same time he smiled with a bad heart: "Leader, you say this kind of thing will not come down to investigate, right?"? That's what it says, isn't it? "It's a fart,brass tube fitting, check what?"? Ah? I told you to follow the procedure, take a good look at the reform system, and follow it in detail. How can you make mistakes in accordance with the law? Don't mess around with me. 。 chinaroke.com