"So you did it when Chen Beard died for no reason?" In the rear, an old man with white beard and white hair, with some flavor of immortal wind and bone, walked slowly forward. The monk of the secret realm of the Taoist palace? Ye Fan showed a trace of surprise. Chen Beard is my disciple. It was he who gave me enough power to break through the shackles of the other shore. You killed him and dared to come to me! The old man stared at Ye Fan with a murderous look and ordered the people around him: "Kill him!" All around, the shadows are flying, the light is shining, all kinds of weapons are offered, dozens of people at the same time. Ye Fan did not think that so many people knew about Chen's beard, so he snorted coldly and decided to kill. You two step back and stand by and watch! He told Wang Shu and Leibo to get out of the way. Ye Fan, like a dragon, rushed up at once. The second of the nine secrets was on display, pointing to the sky with one hand and shouting lightly in his mouth. In an instant, a great seal of the sky emerged and shook on his head. This is a majestic mountain, towering into the sky, was detained as an ancient seal, pressed down, can clearly see that there are birds and animals, towering ancient trees. Boom! There was nothing to stop it. The great seal of the mountain, which could hold up the sky, shook down, and all the weapons flying all over the sky turned into ashes. Ah Screams came, dozens of people who surrounded and killed Ye Fan, none of them could escape, and their bodies cracked and disappeared at the same time. This shocking scene made the monks in the distance tongue-tied, cold sweat, and then could not help trembling. In the sky, the Great Seal of Qingtian Ancient Mountain slowly faded, and then disappeared. This is the holy method of fighting,hot tub spa manufacturers, the second of the nine secrets, representing the acme of the art of attack, which can evolve into thousands of moves, and every time you feel it, you will realize a different art of killing. You What is this secret method? The old man with white hair and white beard no longer had the temperament of immortal wind and bone, showing a frightened look and constantly regressing. The great art of killing! Ye Fan smiled faintly, and there was no need to tell him that this was the ninth secretary. The old man is the supreme elder of Qingxia Gate. Do you really want to be an enemy of Qingxia? His loud voice, like thunder in the sky, woke up the secluded master and other supreme elders. Ye Fan shook his head and said, "It's no use. No one can save you." "I am a monk in the secret realm of the Taoist Palace. If you want to kill me,hot tub wholesale, you can't do it without paying the price!" He is tough in appearance and tough in heart, stalling for time. With your good apprentice.. Big Beard Chen, let's go for a reunion. "Ye Fan, step by step, with a lotus flower at his feet, caught up with him lightly." You I'll fight with you! The Taishang elder of Qingxia Gate roared, his face was ferocious, his beard and hair stood on end, his eyes were dense, and more than a dozen weapons rushed out of the sea. And inside the Taoist palace, a statue of a "God" in blue armor flew out, holding a broad sword, covered with blue iron clothes and shining with cold light, as high as several meters, stepping out and cracking the surface of the earth. The three-meter-long sword wheel moves, the blue air surges, makes a whine, and thousands of brilliant rays shoot out, like a rain of swords falling. In this area, jacuzzi manufacturers ,endless swimming pool, Shenhua soared into the sky, more than a dozen weapons, plus this "God", trapped this area, endless killing and dazzling brilliance surged violently. In the distance, the disciples of Qingxia Gate shouted in unison. In their opinion, Ye Fan was completely submerged in it and would surely die. However, they quickly shut their mouths. Boom! Ye Fan hand pinches the big sun seal, a round of vigorous day, slowly rises, huge incomparable, filled the sky. Yes, a red sun, like the infinite sea, filled the sky, vigorous and atmospheric, burning everything! The God, dressed in blue iron clothes, was burned alive to ashes almost in an instant, and the dozen weapons were burned into gas in an instant, and no longer existed! Ye Fan pinched the big sun seal in his hand, and a huge red sun really appeared above his head, like a mountain, pressing the sky, so powerful that everyone could not help but want to kneel down. Ah The Taishang Elder of Qingxia Gate screamed that he had lost the deity bred by the Taoist Palace. He suffered heavy losses and fled desperately, trying to survive. Ye Fan lightly shook the seal of the great sun, and nine golden birds rushed out of the vigorous red sun, shining all over Jinhua, as if they were made of gold, each with three feet, flapping their wings and singing. "Puff" Not far away, many disciples of Qingxia were oppressed by this supreme power and knelt down, unable to stand any longer. Nine three-legged golden birds turned into nine golden lights and rushed past. Although the Supreme Elder of Qingxia Gate had rushed out hundreds of feet, he still burned up silently and turned into black ashes in an instant. Ah Screams rang out one after another, and no one could resist the place where the nine golden birds had passed. All of them went out with the golden fire and became dust. This is a kind of incomparably terrible power, with an unparalleled sense of oppression, until Ye Fan loosened the seal of the sun, the huge red sun and nine golden birds slowly disappeared. More distant, a lot of Qingxia children are all empty drag, soft fall to the ground, such supreme power, they can not contend with, directly deterred to their bones. This is one of the nine secrets, the acme of the art of attack, the incomparable holy method of fighting! Every time you realize it, you will derive a great art of killing, which is ever-changing and endless! Four outside, all Qingxia disciples are trembling, that comely young man is simply a demon king, light that kind of unparalleled terror power, enough to frighten their body and mind, there is no need to fight. Long whistles rose and fell one after another, and the Taishang Elder and the Master of Qingxia Gate were all alarmed. They all left the pass and rushed quickly. The figure flashed, and ten figures fell in succession, surrounding Ye Fan in the middle. Ten strong people in the secret realm of the Taoist Palace. It seems that I can do my best today. Ye Fanyun is light, and there is no trace of surprise at all. Chapter two hundred and eight five thousand years attack the first (I). There are eighteen green mountains in Qingxia Gate. Each one is shrouded in mist, with flowing springs and waterfalls, hazy. At the foot of the green peak, the stream is gurgling and winding, the vegetation is blooming,4 person jacuzzi, and the faint green clouds are overflowing. Ye Fan stood in the green mountains and waters, feeling this kind of nature, facing the top ten strong people without a trace of tension. monalisa.com