* The first step is to create an account on the official website and log in. You will be required to submit your email address for registration purposes, and an email confirmation will be sent to you. After you've completed your email registration, you may quickly log in to the system using the credentials you created during the registration process.

* The following step is to conduct a flight search. You can look for flights based on your departure and arrival airports. The date of departure will also be utilised to find flights. The list of flights based on your preferences, as well as the cost of each ticket, will be displayed. You must read the information on the list before choosing a flight.

* Once the flight has been chosen, the following step is to enter the passengers' information. It is necessary to provide information on the individuals who will be travelling on the aircraft. You'll be brought to the following screen, which is the payment screen, once you've entered the information for all of the passengers.

* The entire amount that needs to be paid for Reserving The Tickets will be displayed on the payment screen. The page will also display a number of various payment choices that the system supports. You must choose the payment method that best matches your needs and have the tickets booked for you.


When you complete the steps outlined above, you will receive confirmation that your tickets have been reserved. The tickets' specifications and specifics will be delivered to your registered email address. You will also receive an automatic confirmation number, which you should save with you for future reference.



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