Lin Aiqing followed Wei Yan'an, watching him sitting beside the bed of the injured educated youth, carefully inquiring about the record, and finally leaving a bottle of medicine for the injured educated youth, which should have been specially brought over. In fact, there is only one wounded person in the educated youth spot. Other educated youth have gone to work in the fields. Although the autumn harvest has passed, there is still a lot of work in the fields, and there is no one available to take care of the wounded. The injured educated youth was hit by a wild boar and injured his leg. Fortunately, it was only a fracture, not to the extent of a broken leg. He was sent to the county people's hospital for a plaster cast and slowly raised. I had a lot of bruises on my body. I only took medicine in the hospital that day. I haven't dealt with it since I came back. I noticed it when Wei Yan'an came last time. Thank you, Comrade Wei. The educated youth wanted to thank Wei Yan'an, but Wei Yan'an quickly suppressed him and did not let him get up. Lin Aiqing could not bear to look at him. "Did you have lunch?" The educated youth shook his head with a wry smile. Other educated youth brought dry food to the field to eat. No one had time to come back and cook for him. Do you have any food for the educated youth? Is there a private plot? Why don't we just eat a little here? Lin Aiqing said the latter sentence to Wei Yan'an. The educated youth had their own food, and they ate their own food. Lin Aiqing and Wei Yan'an wanted to stay for dinner, but he was not stingy. He was afraid that they would not have enough to eat, so he kept asking Lin Aiqing to pack more. Lin Aiqing cooked rice soup, went to the private plot to pick a few peppers, directly burned and washed the skin with the stove fire, originally wanted to find some seasoning to mix, but there was nothing on the stove, only a little salt. Fortunately, the educated youth sent him some sour chopped pepper from his hometown. There was no way. Lin Aiqing could only mix the chopped pepper with the burning pepper, steam an autumn eggplant with the chopped pepper, and fry a green vegetable for the wounded, even if it was over. I haven't had such a sumptuous meal for a long time! The wounded stood up and looked at the food on the table. "Thanks to Lin Zhiqing, thank you very much." After dinner, Lin Aiqing washed the bowls and chopsticks, took out the rice soup and rice left in the pot to dry, and left the wounded educated youth to eat at night. According to the regulations,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, when commune cadres went to the countryside to handle affairs and ate at commune members' homes, they had to give money and food stamps. Lin Aiqing took out the required money and food stamps, because he promised to take care of Wei Yan'an's meals and added Wei Yan'an's share. After thinking about it, I added two more food stamps. How could the wounded educated youth accept it, but Lin Aiqing did not let him push it, and directly stuffed the money ticket into his coat pocket hanging on the wall. Wei Yanan also asked him not to push, "take good care of the wound." On the way back, Lin Aiqing had been silent, but when he came back in a trance, he found that there was no bump all the way, "When you came, did you do it on purpose?" "What on purpose?" Wei Yan'an raised his eyebrows and bypassed a small puddle. Lin Aiqing, "." After returning to the commune, Lin Aiqing could not help asking Li stationmaster Yang Jiashan about the situation there, and asked why the commune did not care about it. Speaking of the situation there, potassium sulphate fertilizer ,Magnesium Oxide price, Li stationmaster also sighed. It's not that I don't want to take care of it, but it's really not easy to take care of it. Yang Jiashan is a serious group. Even if I change a person, it's still Yang Jiashan's people. What's more, the eight generations of poor peasants of the captain's ancestors are innocent. What he did in private is not investigated by the people. If change an outsider to manage, that is not realistic, no one dares to pick up a mess, more afraid of arousing Yang Jiashan's popular anger. Also afraid to make great efforts to manage, Yang Jiashan's captain will secretly engage in some small tricks, affecting stability, stability is very important now. The last stationmaster Li did not know how to tell Lin Aiqing that moving Yang Jiashan would also directly affect the achievements of the superior leaders and the competent departments. It would affect the whole body. These twists and turns in officialdom could not be said clearly in a few words. Since Secretary Zhan was transferred a few years ago, Yang Jiashan has converged a lot, so it's already good. Let's take good care of the farm machinery station. These things are a headache for the leaders above. Li stationmaster asked Lin Aiqing not to worry about what he had or didn't have, and not to do their business. Lin Aiqing breathed a sigh of relief and felt particularly uncomfortable, but she also understood that she, a small officer of an ordinary educated youth commune, could not do anything at all. When Wei Yan'an came to send money tickets to Lin Aiqing, Lin Aiqing was staring out of the window in a daze. Even if she was transparent in her daily life, she could not see all the problems clearly. The author has something to say: catch insects tomorrow ~ Chapter 46 Wei Yan'an went to Yangjiashan yesterday, the time is good, originally did not intend to eat there, this is not because Lin Aiqing delayed the time, the money ticket is not enough. So when Lin Aiqing took the money to get the ticket, he didn't say anything and let Lin Aiqing take it. When Wei Yan'an came over today, he not only took his own share, but also split the food stamps that Lin Aiqing had given to the injured educated youth, and Wei Yan'an took the share he should have given. Lin Aiqing naturally refused to accept it. What, am I supposed to make a mistake of principle? Wei Yan'an put the money directly on Lin Aiqing's desk. Wei Yanan is not yet an official member of the commune. He told Captain Yang yesterday that he was just pulling the tiger skin and pulling the banner. But now he is also a semi-released cadre, and the rules of the commune must be observed. Of course, this is just a small matter, no one will go to the top of the line, Wei Yan'an just said so, but he said so, Lin Aiqing was embarrassed not to collect money. Moreover, yesterday's meal was really too simple, Lin Aiqing felt a little sorry, although at that time it was cooked a little more, but Lin Aiqing himself did not eat enough, let alone Wei Yan'an. How about I invite you to dinner at noon instead of eating in the canteen and going to a state-owned hotel? Lin Aiqing does not like to owe people favors, especially not particularly familiar with people's favors, once owed, always want to return quickly. As he spoke, Lin Aiqing began to pack up his things and prepare to leave. Wei Yan'an did not speak, he looked at Lin Aiqing tidying up, after a while, Lin Aiqing all tidied up, then slightly hooked lips,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, gently shaking his head, "Comrade Lin Aiqing, your character is not good." 。