The Taoist priest raised the Shinto Demon Order in his hand and shouted in a deep voice, "Stop it all!" No matter how strange the two monsters were, they did not dare to disobey the order. They stopped and turned their strange eyes, sweeping away the spiritual monk. At this moment, the jade phoenix from inconvenience attack, show stand aside, holding the sword in a daze. Liu Yinlong seemed to know that he had done something wrong. Jun's face changed and he knelt down. The Taoist Priest Lingxiu held the present in one hand and pressed the table top with the other. He shouted, "The meat disciple is bold. He has not been summoned by the two Taoist brothers, Chen and Fang, to break into the sword field. Come on!"! Take him down! There was a loud shout in the hall, and in a flash, two Wudang disciples stepped up and helped Liu Yinlong, who was kneeling on the ground, down. "Amitabha!" Master Chueh-chih shouted, "Slow down!" The old Zen master waved his hand to show his stop, then turned around and smiled at the spiritual monk. He nodded slightly to Qi Xuanling and said, "I have the right to do things. If Nvxia Feng really hurt the benefactor Han today, the sword has no eyes. The Taoists in Kongtong naturally have no complaints. But the Taoists forgot that the benefactor Han and the Lord Lengxianggu were brothers. Liu Yinlong was not ordered to break into the arena, but how could he see his third uncle hurt by the sword?". Second, he is the opponent of benefactor Han, and he is a person who has a deep relationship with Wudang. Once the fact of injury is caused, it will cause great resentment. At that time, benefactor Liu will not be in trouble! He glanced around and turned to Qi Xuanling, saying, "Almsgiver Qi!"! You're not afraid of the release of the former suspect. Qi Xuanling didn't seem to want him to reveal his relationship with Han Yuying, especially in front of all the heroes in the world. He couldn't help giving Master Juezhi a white look and scolded him in his heart: "Old bald donkey." With a wry smile on his face,38 needle valve, he interrupted the conversation and shouted, "Why don't you two come back with me as soon as possible?" With an exclamation, Tianshan Shuangguai looked at each other, turned around and sang a big song, turned around, and walked back to the shed dejectedly. The Venerable Master Chueh-chih went on to say, "Brother Ling, for the sake of the old woman, Liu Yinlong has a pity for her. Please forgive me." Lingxiu Taoist hesitated for a moment and turned to look at the other masters. Except for Qi Xuanling,ball valve manufacturer, who looked at the sky, the other masters all nodded with a smile. The spiritual monk turned his face to look at Chen and Fang again. Chen Tong was so old that he didn't wait for the spiritual monk to give the order. "In the fourth scene, the Tianshan Mountains beat Kongtong," he said in a loud voice. When the verdict of victory or defeat was given, Han Yushan looked at Liu Yinlong, nodded his head, sighed in a low voice, and returned to the first shed on the right. Liu Yinlong kowtowed three times and retreated quietly. Chen Tongfa said, "In the next game, Qingcheng will fight Tianshan Mountain!" As soon as this remark was made, there was a wild laugh in the shed on the right: "Not good!"! This time I really want to have no temple to accept! Our three brothers are in the nest, and the signboard of the three yellow cranes will be smashed. The sound falls the person to appear, the disorderly hair is scattered, the Qingcheng crazy way Zhu Chunfei two rise and fall, already vertical to the field heart. On the left, there was an uproar, and someone shouted loudly. Yufeng frowned and whispered, "Elder brother!"! What are you doing out here? Kuang Dao laughed and said, pipe fittings manufacturer ,tube fitting manufacturer, "You shouldn't have said that. Although you and I are sworn brothers, the bridge returns to the bridge, and the road returns to the road. Staggered today, the Yellow Crane Sanyi, you and I love each other more than flesh and blood. But now we have a hundred years to discuss the sword and win glory for our school. You and I only have brothers and sisters to turn against each other, each for his own master. How dare we deceive our teachers and forget our ancestors as brothers? I can't say that His words, the teacher first, the audience listened to it awestruck, secretly nodded, even the first several masters, all praised. "Yufeng turned her pretty eyes and whispered," I'd rather let my eldest brother win. "Silly words," he said with a wild laugh! Nonsense! Don't you force me to send my life to Wudang today? I'm lucky to pass you, but.. Ha ha! Your incorruptible father-in-law spared me? And Shaolin Menru carries out that heartless, he has such a good heart, like the second sister you, everywhere for your brother who is not useful. Before she had finished, there was a sudden burst of laughter. Yufeng was so angry that her little mouth turned up so high. She gave Zhu Chunfei a white look and said, "What are you talking about?"? If you want to fight, do it. Everyone present knew that although Zhu Chunfei was used to laughing all his life, he was not careless at all. He knows fairly well, don't need these words to provoke Yufeng, today's scene really can't be maintained, how can he explain to the master? When he saw that Yufeng was angry, he laughed and said, "Don't be too serious. It's a joke for my brother. My brother and sister are practicing today. Each of them is doing his best. If anyone doesn't do his best, it's not.." "What are you talking about?" Yufeng asked with her pretty eyes? I don't know what you're thinking? Come on, light up! Kuangdao laughed and said, "My aunt, don't be so angry.". Stop. You'll be merciful. With a straight face, Yufeng snorted coldly, "I'll break your leg!" Zhu Chunfei gave a strange cry and said, "Good aunt, don't break my leg. If Zhu Chunfei's limbs are incomplete, who will run errands for you then?" Yufeng was so angry that her face changed. She nibbled her red lips and shouted with her sword, "I'll teach you to be less wicked. You're talking nonsense with a light mouth and a thin tongue. Do you really want me to knock on your bones?" Kuang Dao gave a wry smile and stammered, "This.." According to your conscience, can you repair the afterlife according to me? "Shut up!" "I don't want to quarrel with you," said Yufeng in a breathless voice. Do you compare or not? With a shiver, he stuck out his tongue and shouted, "Bei, Bei, Bei!"! Why don't I come out? Slowly, he stretched out his arm and drew his sword. He made a pose, raised his hand into the sword, and shouted, "Be careful!"! I'm going to go all out! The sound falls the potential to send, "brushes" a sword, under the hand also really sees the kungfu. The jade phoenix dare not neglect, carry the sword to meet, two people you come to me, real sword real gun, do not give way to each other. Fighting for a while, about thirty strokes, Yufeng a little impatient, Qinghong a vibration, a move of Qijue Jian Qixue "Jinglong Feihong",needle valve manufacturer, will be crazy sword into the air. Kuang Dao laughed and swooped. He put his sword in his hand and returned it to the scabbard. He turned up his thumb and said, "I've been looking at you for three days. It's far from being comparable to Yi Feng in the Yellow Crane Tower in the past." The more afraid he shook the bottom, the more he pulled out the old roots and whiskers together. Yufeng was so angry that she raised her sword twice. She really wanted to reward him twice more.