Lu Heng walked slowly, looking at Xue Miao, who had pulled away from him from time to time. "Where is Doctor Xue's ancestral home?"? It seems that he has never traveled far. Xue Miaomiao gave him a white look. "In that case, Mr. Lu must have traveled all over the world." This is to tease his words, but the man beside him paused and solemnly answered, "I have been to every inch of the land of Dayan, and this is the second time I have come to Huozhou City." Xue Miao-miao thought he was talking big, but with a slightly distrustful smile, she waved her hand and looked elsewhere. But do not know, Lu Heng mouth for the first time to Huozhou, but is really come. At that time, he was the head of the army, breaking the enemy thousands of troops, boots on the Yellow Turban Army rebel's corpse, set foot on the wall, will be a hundred miles of beacon fire to the horizon, accept the people of this side of the bow down. But one year later, he accompanied a teenager to the market with the attitude of an ordinary citizen. Even Lu Heng himself felt incredible, but it happened. In Xue Miao-miao's deliberate delay, it was already completely dark, and the business of the wine shop and teahouse gradually became prosperous. Although Xue Miao-miao had not eaten much all day, she had no appetite because she had a plan in her heart. Just passing by a food shop, with a sweet fragrance, Xue Miao-miao touched her pocket for a moment and was about to buy some, but was interrupted by a faint sentence from the man beside her,plastic pallet manufacturer, "The one at the end of the almond preserve street tastes more mellow." Xue Miao-miao withdrew her hand. Lu Heng's lips rose slightly, and her phoenix eyes reflected the dim light of night. "Now that you've come out, why don't you go to the Lion Building in front of you for dinner?" Unexpectedly moved out of the temptation of delicious food … "I'm not hungry. Let's get down to business first." Unexpectedly, her stomach did not give Xue Miao-miao face, and as soon as her voice fell, she made a very unpleasant gurgling sound. Walking quickly in front, leaving Lu Gongzi behind, after a while, Xue Miaomiao looked back again,drum spill pallet, and Lu Gongzi stood in the endless flow of people, carrying a bag of hot almond preserves in his hand. So handsome man, and the hands of a very close to the people's snacks appear in a picture, there is a kind of disobedient and cute point. Approaching, he handed the candied fruit to her, and on the face of the iceberg of ten thousand years, he seemed to smile. That smile is so lethal that it makes people feel elated. Such a situation, Xue Miao-miao naturally is not good again cold face, twist a mouth, lips and teeth wantonly thick sweet, "taste is not bad." Lu Gongzi negative hand silent, look up, the plaque is written "Huozhou first village.". He stuffed the food bag in his hand into Lu Heng's arms. "This is it." Cloth village business is booming, a lot of guests to make clothes, Lu Heng is extremely dislike the lively people, standing in the outer hall waiting for a while. Seeing that Xue Miao-miao had already chosen the cloth, she said a few words to the landlady, plastic pallet containers ,plastic pallet manufacturer, and her clear side face was even softer under the lights. I still remember that time in Qingyuan City, I saw her from the tall building in the shade of drunken flowers. At that time, she was still wearing women's clothes. A moment of palpitations, he suddenly had a kind of almost paranoid idea, if Xue Miaomiao put on the skirt, it must be better than every girl in the cloth village. But this idea is a flash, Lu Heng laughed, how can she be a girl? In this world, which girl would have the courage and boldness of vision like her, dare to disembowel the patient, dare to face the fresh face without changing color? Moreover, judging from her calm performance in opening Fu Mingzhao's chest to treat the injury, it was not like a woman to do it, without any shyness. There were many people in the cloth village, and there was an endless stream of girls who went in to try on clothes. Lu Heng stood in plain clothes, and his excellent appearance attracted the eyes of all the people passing by. It was really a little uncomfortable to be seen, so he stepped inside. As soon as the landlady looked up, she felt a sudden brightening in front of her eyes. When did such a handsome and outstanding man stand. And then spend a lot of money, it is full of charm, "this is all the cloth that the teenager took a fancy to just now plus the money for making clothes." The proprietress happily took the heavy silver spindle, smiled like a flower, and hurriedly asked him to wait in the side guest room. Through the curtain of colorful glass beads, Lu Heng sat upright and waited for a long time, but Xue Miao did not come out. Looking up at the rising moonlight, a quarter of an hour had passed. However, out of the cloth village, there is no figure of Xue Miao. In front of them, young girls and women were showing off their beauty in bright and beautiful clothes, but what flashed through Lu Heng's mind was the appearance of Xue Miao's plain face. Eyebrow peak slightly frown, Lu Heng lifted the curtain, then went to the counter to ask, the proprietress only said to let him wait patiently. Inadvertently, however, there seemed to be a touch of aqua green figure slowly coming out of the fitting room. The girl's graceful posture is like a willow, wrapped in a long waist skirt, and her sleeves are like lotus leaves, quietly mingling with the crowd. As soon as Lu Heng turned around, she just knocked over the bag in her hand, and the girl in green hurriedly bowed down and squatted down to pick it up. Looking at the delicate figure, he lowered his head and could not see his face clearly, only his black hair hanging down to his waist. It was unintentional. Forgive me. Lu Heng's eyes were fixed on the figure, shaking slightly. It was difficult for him to recognize his appearance, but now the hall was full of splendor, which made everyone's appearance blurred. Lu Heng would not have thought that the reason why Xue Miaomiao so readily promised to accompany himself to buy clothes, rather than his men, was to take advantage of his weakness of face blindness. Looking back thoughtfully, the beautiful aqua-green figure had left the cloth village, leaving only the charm in the crowd. Moments later, I saw a little girl who looked like a servant girl running out of it in a hurry. "Did you see my wife's skirt?"? How can the good end be gone.. As soon as the proprietress asked, the servant girl's description only said three words, and Lu Heng immediately noticed something strange. Aqua green. The girl who just left! Regardless of the surprised eyes of the crowd, Lu Heng strode straight to the fitting room, suddenly opened the curtain, startled the whole place to exclaim. Passing through all the faces, none of them was Xue Miao's! As soon as Fu Mingzhao was able to get out of bed and walk slightly today,plastic pallet crates, he saw the general come in from the outside. Then look at the eyes, it is cold as a blade, with the raging before the storm.