"I heard that you and the Prince of Zhao were at odds and wanted to kill each other." I exaggerate and test his reaction. Zhao Xian opened his mouth: "Who said that?"? Goddamn rumor. How could I kill him? No matter how arrogant he is, he is also the emperor's brother. It turned out that I had a grudge against him, because he didn't like me first and called me a monkey, a savage and a rebel all day long. I am also a man, because he is Qiu Wang, can step on my face? I'm a human being. However In the last few days, it's been surprising. He looked back at the shadows of Tianhuan and Shangguan and hesitated whether he should go on with me. I got up and put the fish into the pot without urging him to say that the room was steaming hot. I suddenly found that there was a stack of red bayberries under the lotus leaves on the stove. When I touched them, they were still cold, so I took them to Zhao Xian to eat. He wanted to give it to me, and I said, "I'm still sick, and I don't eat cold food.". You eat slowly. Zhao Xian chewed the red bayberry and said slowly, "yuan Junzhou has changed in recent days.". First, he gave me the first choice of food and weapons, and then he took the initiative to invite me to drink in his house. Not only was he no longer superior, but he was very kind to me, and he also talked to me about the eight characters of his birthday, saying that I was destined to be his friend. The more I think about it, the more strange I feel, and to tell you the truth, I'm even a little scared. When yuan Junzhou led the troops in the northwest, there were so many tricks in the war that even I heard about them in the frontier. People compared him to a young hero like champion Hou Huo Qubing. If I don't like him, how can he get close to him? I am a person who eats soft and does not eat hard. If someone puts a knife to my neck and asks me to beg for mercy, I will not die. But they greeted me with a smile and called me brother. On the contrary,Heme Iron Polypeptide, do I think I am too stingy? So His teeth missed a beat and he said, "To tell you the truth, I came to see you today to ask for advice.". But when I saw that my husband was ill, I was afraid to upset him, so I didn't say anything. Has a Zhou changed? In fact, this is the simplest truth, Zhao Xian and I grew up, a Zhou is also growing up. Even in the northwest, I saw a Zhou's panic and fear,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, but in the eyes of others, a Zhou is a young general king with fragrance beyond the Great Wall. Suddenly, I was somewhat happy for the change of Ah Zhou, so I said, "Zhao Xian, there is a story called General Xiang He, do you know?"? You are for the emperor's world, he is also for the emperor's world, you are not a greedy person, he is not a treacherous king. You have no hard feelings, let alone spears and shields. When it comes to yuan Junzhou, he used to be outspoken and did not love to hide like other royal children. Not only you, even I, even Shangguan, have also been ridiculed by him. Didn't you laugh at him, too? I had a good time. Have you forgotten? I still remember it. I sat down against Zhao Xian and wiped my sweat with a smile. "Since he took the lead in showing his kindness to you, how can you lose to his heart as a man of Jianghu, Kava Root Extract ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, who has come out of the world of mortals?"? I'm not worried about you at all. You must do the best you can. Zhao Xian's blue eyes were glittering and translucent, and the man who had just grown a beard moved: "Do you really think so?" "Of course." I said briskly, "yuan Junzhou is different from us. He was loved by a powerful man like the emperor in every possible way.". So he has to grow up and work harder than you and me. Zhao Xian, you have a broad heart. How does the emperor treat you? "The emperor is very kind to me.". Without the emperor, I would have gone to hell. "Well, the emperor still dotes on yuan Junzhou.". But after all, he has grown up, the emperor also has his own son, can not be too obvious to take care of him. Zhao Xian, do you think that to repay the emperor is to fight the world for the emperor? Brothers such as branches and leaves, you give yuan Junzhou a little help, but also to help the emperor. How much effort would you save the emperor if you were two in one? Sweating all over, I motioned Zhao Xian to sit with me on the eastern threshold. Zhao Xian seemed to be lost in thought, and his smart eyes shone even brighter. I see. I'll drink with him when I go down the hill. He said. I laughed, "It's not necessary to drink, because drinking too much makes things worse.". Zhao Xian, do you know who people compare you to? He rubbed his hands: "Han Xin.". I like Han Xin. He is a great hero from a poor family. Xiao He chased Han Xin under the moon. In the Blue Feather Army, the emperor treated me like that. The emperor He didn't go on. If you ask me, comparing you to Han Xin is to kill you. If I were you, I would rather yuan Junzhou called me a monkey and a mountain thief than Han Xin. Zhao Xian was surprised: "Why?" I said, "Han Xin was a general and famous all over the world, but he was killed by Hanwang and his wife because he was greedy and aggressive.". He must have regret it when he died. Zhao Xian, do you remember what reward the emperor gave you after Rou's victory? "A gold medal to avoid death." "Yes," I faced the summer wind and said firmly, "I thought at that time: Why only give this to Zhao Xian? In the past two years, I have been by the emperor's side, and you are far away, and I know the answer. Zhao Xian, the emperor has been protecting you, and I want to do the same. In the future, if someone compares you to Han Xin, you can say, "I won't be Han Xin. I want to be a general like Samson chow who is loyal to his duties and runs the army rigorously." Zhao Xian's eyes, as if a flame, blue eyes more blue: "Queen, I don't know a basket of big words, so you say Han Xin, Samson chow, I only understand a little." I am stupefied stupefied, rummage to box cage: discovery is the tonic of angelica, pilose antler and so on completely. Is Shangguan going to make up for it? Or for me to eat? I found another cabinet and added salt to the soup. I found a firewood to burn, continued to sit back on the threshold, and smoothed the sand in front of the threshold with my shoes. "It doesn't matter. Let Ruya teach you carefully in the future.". Don't mind. I'll tell you their story first. I drew a curve on the sand, which was a river, and added a few strokes, which was a bridge. I cleared my throat: "Once upon a time there was a man named Han Xin who lived near my hometown, in a place called Huaiyin.." Zhao Xian listened carefully, and I forgot to speak. The history of the past is settled in the sand in the numerous, rapid and intense mountain sounds. When I realized that my mouth was dry and the story was almost over, Zhao Xian said, "Poor Han Xin." I nodded, and someone behind me handed me a glass of water. "I'm too tired. I've spent a lot of time talking." It was Tian Huan, who had sent the peeled beans to the kitchen. I drank it, and there was honey in the water,Glucono Delta Lactone, which was sweet. Zhao Xian touched his head and said, "Your Majesty, it's my fault." 。 pioneer-biotech.com