As soon as he finished speaking, Luo Jijun regretted it. He glanced at the kitchen from the corner of his eyes. When he had finished with the army, his daughter-in-law came by car alone. He had no time to pick up people when he was training outside. His daughter-in-law was the same age as his sister. He cared about his sister, but he didn't think of his daughter-in-law. Luo Jijun also felt that what he had just said was wrong. Luo Haiying didn't think about that. He only talked to his brother. Eldest brother. I'm eighteen years old. Where can't I go? What's the worry? My parents are still at ease. You have a lot of things to do. Luo Jijun stared, Luo Haiying stuck out his tongue and changed the topic, "Brother, Milan is really looking for you?"? I knew she was looking for you. At the beginning, she left secretly. When the family found out, they were worried. I went to comfort my uncle and aunt and told them not to worry. Later, I told them when I received your letter. They can rest assured. She works in the city now, so where does she live? Is there a phone? Tell her I'm here. She'll be happy. Every time Luo Haiying said a word, Luo Jijun's heart sank and clattered. For fear that the daughter-in-law in the kitchen was angry when she heard it. Milan had come secretly at the beginning. After he asked, he sent a telegram to his family. He had never told his daughter-in-law about it. As a result, he was now spit out by his sister. See elder brother absent-minded, Luo Haiying angrily pulled each other's clothes corner, "eldest brother, I tell you do you hear?"? Aren't you glad I came? If you are not happy, I will go back. I am in the way of other people's eyes. Even you don't welcome me. I will go back. "Why do you get angry when you say it?"? I was just thinking. Luo Jijun did not mention Milan. After the fight, his clothes and hat were not hung up. He pulled his sister's hand away. "I will go to Beijing for training in a while. How long will you stay here?" "Training?"? How long will it take? Luo Haiying followed people into the study, saw in addition to the bookcase,Inflatable water obstacle course, only the bed, he withdrew his eyes, "I just came and you left, then what should I do?" Luo Jijun closed the door behind him and then asked, "What happened at home?" Over the years, Luo Jijun has already changed to Mandarin. Luo Haiying also sat down beside the bed, "nothing,Inflatable water park on lake, that is, I'm going to get engaged, thinking that I can't come out when I get married, so I'll come out and see the world now." "And the success of the village?" Luo Jijun to know some, the last time I went back to hear my parents said to engage with the village head's family, now my sister is also eighteen, not early. Luo Haiying rarely showed a shy side, nodded and said, "In June this year, my parents asked me to tell you that you should ask for leave in advance." Without waiting for Luo Jijun to open his mouth, Luo Haiying added, "Brother, I see your family has bought a new sewing machine. Give it to me as a dowry. The money you sent home in a few years has not saved anything for building a house." "Sewing machine?" When Luo Jijun saw his sister, he didn't pay attention to anything else, Inflatable 5k obstacle ,inflatable floating water park, so naturally he didn't see the sewing machine. Well, I've only unpacked the box, and the sewing machine hasn't been installed yet. Brother, you can just pack it up and take it away when I leave. Luo Haiying really likes this sewing machine, if she takes it back, it will be the first family in the village to use the sewing machine, and she doesn't want to make Zhang Guilan happy. That kind of woman is not matched with the eldest brother, if not for the kindness of her family, the eldest brother will not marry her, to let Milan be wronged, why now good things are occupied by her Zhang Guilan, when he did not come to no way, but now he came, he did not let her be satisfied. He is married, do not believe that the eldest brother is reluctant to give up a sewing machine, Luo Haiying really want to see Zhang Guilan know that mad face, just into the room to see Zhang Guilan put on airs, she felt uncomfortable. Chapter 58: Past Lives Luo Haiying was so happy that he couldn't wait for his brother's words. When he looked over, he found that his brother was frowning and looking at himself with disapproval. He hesitated on the spot and was splashed with a basin of cold water in the winter, freezing from the outside to the inside. OK Luo Jijun had other plans in mind. Although he did not see the sewing machine, he knew that his daughter-in-law must have bought it with her own money, and promised his sister that he wanted to save money to buy one for her. Luo Haiying did not know what his elder brother was thinking, and immediately he was happy, "eldest brother, you are the best.". ” "All right, go and help your sister-in-law make dumplings." Luo Jijun got up and pulled his sister. Luo Haiying pulled his elder brother instead. "Eldest brother, we haven't met for so long. Let her go by herself. It's not a job." Haiying, what are you talking about? I tell you, your attitude is not right. That's your sister-in-law. Luo Jijun ignored his sister and opened the door and went out of the house. As soon as she came back, she had not spoken to her daughter-in-law. She saw her daughter-in-law sitting in the living room making dumplings. She went to the bathroom to wash her hands and came out to roll the skin. "Have you bought all the vegetables for tomorrow?"? I asked Song Weidong and his wife to come here with their children yesterday. The dishes don't need to be too much, just a little more. I'll do it with you tomorrow. After the cold war between the two men yesterday, Luo Jijun had this matter in mind all the time. He was absent-minded even during training and came back early after work. There will be so many people at home tomorrow. There is no need for you to cook. You can entertain the guests. Zhang Guilan did not eat a day, at this time hungry chest close to the back, also do not want to talk more. As for the Luo brothers and sisters just behind closed doors to speak, Zhang Guilan did not take it to heart, although across the door, but Luo Haiying's voice is so loud, she wants to pretend that it is impossible not to hear. As soon as she arrived, she was thinking about her things, and she wanted to see how Luo Jijun opened his mouth. But if Luo Jijun doesn't open this mouth, she can pretend that she doesn't know. A new sewing machine? How can you carry it yourself? Tell me about it later, and I'll go with you. Luo Jijun did not come out after seeing his sister for so long. The heart is also a little angry, "Haiying is tired, I let her rest first." He also thought deeply about how his wife lived at home. Dumplings were formed from Zhang Guilan's hands one by one. "When I saw them on the street today,inflatable castle with slide, I thought I would buy them at home.". I asked Haiying to rest before. After all, you just came back after taking the train for so long. "The training is scheduled for the 10th of next month, and it will be the end of this month soon. What else do you have to do at home?". You list it. I took care of everything before I left. 。