Song looked at the three words again and burst out laughing. How can he be so cute. Lu Ling was about to take a picture and send it when he noticed that the light source was half covered. He stagnated and did not look back. yuan Ke's voice sounded in his ear, "also good-looking?"? Tut, tut, I can smell a stuffy smell across the screen. Hey, Master Zero, tell me what expression should I use for these three words? Delicate and soft, it looks good to act coquettishly with dimples, doesn't it? yuan Ke said as he made gestures. Lu Ling's expression was calm, as if he had not seen it. He raised his leg and kicked it straight on yuan Ke's calf. "Roll." yuan Ke almost laughed to death, while recording a small video while sending to their model chat group, roaring Tucao, "Mom's zero Ye initiated love to heaven and earth can be learned!" As soon as the group heard that the protagonist of Tucao was Lu Ling, they came out one after another and said one word after another. Everyone complained for a long time, but the protagonist did not come out and ended the topic in boredom. yuan Ke was happy for a long time and sat on the sofa with his arm on Lu's shoulder. "Hey, do you really like her?" Lu Ling unexpectedly did not reward him with a "roll" word, but was silent for ten seconds before nodding, "Well, she's fine, she can only be with me." When yuan Ke heard this, he felt half of his teeth were sour. He covered his face and shouted, "If you don't go to act,stainless tile trim, it's like the cool weather and the overbearing president falls in love with my leading actor!" When the words fell, there was a lot of laughter in the room. Lu Lingyi was stunned and slanted his head to see the cell phone in yuan Ke's hand, which was connected to the voice phone and turned on the speakerphone. As soon as he pressed the corners of his lips, before he opened his mouth, yuan Ke himself laughed and rolled away. The line of sight returned to the screen of the mobile phone, and Lu Ling's fingers flexibly returned to one: [We all look good] Chapter 13 The summer weather in the south always changes as soon as it is said. People who were hot last night were sweating, but this morning it was a little cooler. Song Zai received a phone call from his mother at eight o'clock in the morning. "You can meet at four or five o'clock in the afternoon. Don't mute your mobile phone." Song sighed again and promised, "I know." After hanging up the phone,stainless steel tile edging, Song held a glass of cold water and pushed open the window. There was a thick wetness on the face, and the old walls of the community were covered with Parthenocissus tricuspidata, which was now shining with rain. There is a moist earthy fragrance and a light herbaceous fragrance in the air. The weather is still comfortable, and the irritability of being woken up in the morning is also dispersed in a hubbub. She took a picture casually and sent it to the circle of friends. [Full: Morning] Within two minutes, Lu Ling liked and commented: "." Song Zai thought he had made a mistake and replied in puzzlement: "?" I didn't expect Lu Ling to chat with her directly. [LL: To complete for you.] Song looked again and again to understand, laughed for a long time, voice past. Do you have obsessive-compulsive disorder, Lu Ling? Even a punctuation mark can be haggled over. Her pronunciation is clear, with the glutinous feeling that southerners are accustomed to. The voice, with the tiredness of the morning, but also with the slight coolness of the summer rainy day, rolled into the radio and then into the auricle, as if it had been kneaded all over the body. The first time Lu Ling received it, he collected it to his favorites, and then listened to it again and again. He lay on the bed, tile trim factory ,stainless steel edging strip, the soft sound flowing through his headphones. He's like an addict, addicted to all of her. No After a while, he said to the radio. The voice is deep, with a thick husky texture. He narrowed his eyes, the fundus of his eyes suffused with a faint blue, and the end of his eyes was long and narrow, revealing a stubborn deep feeling. No obsessive-compulsive disorder, no really want to complete your words, just miss you. I want to talk to you. Think of already starting to make a mess of bad excuses. At half past four in the afternoon, Song Zai sat in the coffee shop as promised. She sat in the window seat, her face was cold, her eyebrows were distant, and her light gray dress made her look a little cold. The mobile phone rang and showed a strange number. Hello, my name is Song Zai. Song stood up again as he connected and looked around. At this time, there was a man hovering in front of the coffee shop. He was wearing a stiff suit, and even the bow tie was formally like coming to the interview. Song Zai just took a light look, then collected all the emotions, she raised her slender arm, a small wave. Say into the phone, "I'm on the right." The man looked over and was obviously stunned. The woman's face is beautiful, wearing light makeup, long hair in the middle, wearing a long skirt, gentle and bright. The man almost walked over with the same hands and feet. Song smiled again and bowed slightly to say hello. "Hello." The man in front of him. Not particularly tall, Song Zaijing is 1.67 meters tall, not short. Unfortunately, Song Zai wore a pair of high-heeled shoes today, so they looked almost the same height. Very mismatched. Hello, my name is Lu Jiaming. Lu Jiaming held the glasses on the bridge of his nose, and the thick lenses did not stop the joy of his eyes. Unexpectedly, my aunt's neighbor looked good. Rumors said that she was young but unemployed. When Lu Jiaming looked at her like this, he thought she was more like a freelance artist. Song nodded again and pushed over to order, "I don't know what you like to drink, so I didn't order for you." "It's okay." Lu Jiaming flipped through it casually and ordered a cup of coffee. He was also a university teacher and understood this kind of petty bourgeoisie life very well. Song Zai's attitude is always very shallow, seemingly gentle but actually very alienated. A girl of Lu Jiamingjue should be like this, gentle and quiet, knowledgeable and reasonable. He took the initiative to talk, "You look very good, why are you single now?" Song smiled again and said, "I didn't meet the right one." "What is appropriate?" Lu Jiaming asked again. Song Zai still smiled at the corners of her mouth, and she turned her wrist slightly to stir the coffee. The curly eyelashes droop slightly, and the skin is so good that you can see the veins on the eyelids. There is a person, in fact, very suitable. Song Zai thought in his heart. The mobile phone suddenly rang abruptly, Song handed Lu Jiaming a sorry look, then clicked on the mobile phone, a look is the message sent by Lu Zero. A picture of the backstage of the show. [LL: Boring] Song Zai could almost imagine Lu Ling's appearance,aluminium edge trim, leaning proudly against the wall in the corner, raising his chin slightly, and looking impatiently at the crowd. Maybe with a bottle of milk in his mouth.