Volengas shook his head and said, "This kind of energy absorption is limited. The power of the rice sword is so great that it can almost cut the Tripod River in the universe. It has passed the limit that Dalimia alloy can absorb.". And even if the warship is completely made of Dalimia alloy, it can withstand the drinking cannon below level seven. But higher-grade uranium cannons can still do damage to them. "How do you know so well?" Asked Edney doubtfully. "Didn't you just say that there is no warship made entirely of Dalmiya alloy?" I'm saying it can't be mass-produced, not that it doesn't exist. Several Berkish scientists had specialized in this area, and I happened to have heard of it, Vollengas recalled: I remember there was a legendary spaceship, which was made of Dalimia alloy, and the spaceship and its owner crossed the galaxy. He made a great reputation, but later he offended the Saikro people and was blasted into atoms by the Saikro Star Destroyer, so Dalimia alloy is not omnipotent. "So it's the Cyroids.". Edne sighed. "No wonder. I've been known for a long time for the 10-level Star Destroyer cannon of the Cyroids." Volengas replaced the metal lock in his hand. Continued: "Now use the place where Dalimia alloy is used most.". It's the coating on the surface of the warship, the best warship in our hands. The outer armor is plated with a thin layer of Dalmiya alloy, which can reduce the hammer attack of the warship, and when sailing in the sky. It can also absorb those ubiquitous cosmic rays and improve the endurance of warships. "Zizhixi" is used on non-production fighters and mecha. These individual weapons are small in size. Such a box of Dalimia alloy is enough to build a fighter or a mecha. So there are still a lot of people who can afford it. "Just the Dalimia alloy in this warehouse.". It's worth more than the Kunyingshi in the five warehouses in front of it. When Tylengas has finished introducing the Dalimia alloy. They put back the metal lock in their hands. However, Yang Ying did not do so. He left the metal key cut in half by himself as a souvenir. Tylengas circled around the box. As if something had happened, he bent over and pressed one of the bottom edges. I don't know which mechanism he pressed. The middle edge and the top edge stretched out one after another. The whole box was restored to its original shape in three seconds. Then Volengas lifted the box with his mind and put it back in its original place. After leaving the sixth warehouse, they went to the remaining warehouses, and after seeing this ship, they went to several other ships. However, because time was precious, the repeated warehouses were not seen. Sometimes a ship only contained the same kind of goods. Yang Ying and his party also saw a warehouse on that ship and then shifted their targets. Even so, the whole process of looking at the goods took a whole day, and it was not until dark that they returned to the base. Although it takes a lot of time,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, this trip is also an eye-opener for everyone. All kinds of rare minerals calculated by warehouses may not be seen in other places. Volungas is a veteran Explorer who knows everything about galactic mineralogy and materials science, and he knows all kinds of goods in the warehouse. When Yang Ying returned to the base, he immediately issued several orders: One is to ask the planers to crack the locked boxes as soon as possible. With the technology of the planers, it is not difficult to do this. The second is to increase manpower in order to make clear the cargo statistics of more than 700 transport ships as soon as possible. Third, the remaining rebel forces on the Duolun Star launched a general attack. The ground garrison and the new barracks of the rebels had been beaten down. The rest were the big capitalists. Yang Ying decided to start a big battle to solve the problem of the big capitalists thoroughly. Fourth, continue to urge resistance groups to evacuate the city. At the same time, send troops to take over the big factories. Lock down the factory, empty it completely, and dismantle the machine for the next step. To prepare for the dropping of a nuclear bomb. Two days later, Yang Ying received a statistical report of 729 transport ships, which carried 27 kinds of rare minerals, 304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel ,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, totaling 481000000 tons. There are 92 kinds of refined high-grade industrial raw materials in the form of metal bonds, totaling 262 million tons. Although the 729 transport ships are all megatons, this is only an approximate number, and the cargo loaded is not necessarily a million tons, not to mention that the measurement units of aliens are different from those of the Earth, resulting in greater errors. The total weight of the goods was 743000000 tons, and the total value was estimated to be around 1.2 trillion yuan. When Yang Ying heard the news, although he had been psychologically prepared for it, he was still shocked. Even if he sold the company in the solar system, he was afraid that it would only be one tenth of this figure. But Yang Ying soon suppressed the joy of the big harvest, and he came to the northern suburbs of Huawang City, ready to stab the heart of the big capitalist camp. Chapter 575 of the main text. The field eagles came to Huawang City many times, bringing together ten, Fen Shen, twenty thousand ghost fighters, and the 16th Armored Division, two. The group army, with a total strength of nearly 500,000, also carried two million cannon fodder fighter robots as pioneers. Three hundred and twenty war patrols were also transferred by Yang Ying this time, two hundred of them were used for fire suppression. When Yang Ying's troops were deployed outside the city of Huagang, the big capitalists in the northern suburbs immediately panicked. They all knew that the Terran mercenary regiment was a powerful armed force that even the Kusta people dared to rob, but also succeeded in robbing, which was quite different from those resistance organizations, armed workers and other rabble. Very not easy to call two thousand warships, only less than half a day to be maimed, only less than half of the warships were captured, with their private army, to face the attack of the mercenary regiment, obviously a big problem. Before Yang Ying approached the northern suburbs, the emissaries sent by the big capitalists came to him first. However, because Yang Ying thirteen people are flying in the sky, all the messengers are empty, can only negotiate with the ground troops, and Yang Ying has already ordered the ground troops, if you meet this kind of person, don't say anything,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, first house arrest, to the ghost agent troops disposal, Yang Ying's order is. We should dig out all the military deployments of the other side from their mouths. sxthsteel.com