Yi Zecheng was standing next to her, so he couldn't have missed it. When she finished, Yi Zecheng looked at her with a slow smile in his eyes: "I also deliberately blocked the staff." So the two of them joined hands to cheat Nan Wan. Because there were so many people here, Huo Ci reached out and pinched his palm and said softly, "Go home and give you a reward." "Is the prize up to me?" Yi Zecheng looked at her and lingered slowly on her collarbone for a moment. She wore a long dress that wrapped her chest, revealing a slender white neck and a slender and delicate collarbone. Her long hair was coiled up, and she looked very elegant and amorous. Huo Ci looked at him lightly and then said slowly, "Isn't that too bad for me?" "What if there is something else?" Yi Zecheng smiled. Huo Ci suppressed a smile and said softly, "That depends on what it is." Soon, the awards ceremony began. In fact, the ceremony is very boring, the only thing people can look forward to is the award of various awards. This is an industry award, and the stars who usually shine are now supporting roles. Photographers and editors, these people behind the scenes, rarely become the protagonists. By the way, what award did the organizer ask you to give this time? Huo Ci just remembered to ask this now. Yi Zecheng glanced at her lightly and chuckled, "What do you think?" Huo Ci stops, a long time just says: "Won't be the best photographer of the year?" "Huo teacher, you guessed right." Easy to choose the city suddenly smiled, cold handsome instant soft up,Nail Making Machine price, who knows just cut over the camera head captured, the scene immediately appeared a small riot. Huo Ci listened to the screams of the girls next to him. In fact, most of these girls came for the little fresh meat who took part in the program today. However, such a low-key person as Yi Zecheng rarely took part in the program today. While cheering for her idol, she did not forget to be crazy about him. It seems that you can't come to such an occasion again. "Huo Ci's elbow bears the armrest of the chair, his chin is gently resting, his chin is slightly tilted,Nail production machine, and his eyes are shining like stars.". Yi Zecheng smiled faintly: "All listen to you." Nan Wan was on pins and needles, although Xu Wei had promised her that the photographer of the year award would definitely fall into her heart. But that is in Huo Ci does not come to the scene to participate in the situation, now Huo Ci came, her this heart originally ten percent assurance, also turned into no bottom. What's more, she just used her mobile phone to brush Weibo. The major media have posted the red carpet photos of the media awards in the official blog. Nanwan also specifically told Xu Wei to control the photos and never let the ugly media photos flow out. But when she saw her red carpet photos and Huo Ci's red carpet pictures, she almost trembled with anger. To put it nicely, she is petite and exquisite, but compared with Huo Ci's tall figure and the high-set dress on her body, the short dress on her body is really not on the table, and some netizens even said that her dress is like a Taobao explosion. Blame that damn stylist, insist that she is small, choose a short dress can show more tall, but then tall can catch up with the actual height of 1.72 meters? Xu Wei was sitting in a few rows behind her, Coil Nail Making Machine ,wire nail making machine, and Nan Wan couldn't help sending a text message. Today's photographer of the year won't be a problem, will he? But after she sent it, Xu Wei didn't reply to the message for a long time. She turned her head and looked back, and after Xu Wei looked up at her, she immediately lowered her head again. The award ceremony goes on and on, and the photographer of the year is the main award, which is awarded at the end. Fortunately, everyone's spirit is more concentrated in the back, after all, the awards are all big prizes. Until the staff come, please go to the backstage to prepare. Yi Zecheng turned to look at her and said with a smile, "I'll go backstage first." Huo Ci knew which award he was going to present and nodded slightly, but instead of getting up immediately, he reached out to hold her palm and said softly, "Wait for you to come up." Even the staff who invited him to the backstage were stunned, and she said with a smile, "Mr. Yi, you will make people feel that this award is fixed." "Of course not, I just believe in the vision of the organizers," Yi Zecheng said lightly. Then he got up, tidied up his skirt a little, and went backstage with the staff. Ten minutes later, the host finally announced the presentation of the most important award of the awards ceremony. When he announced the award-presenting guests, the loud voice of fans in the venue made people mistakenly think that the next one was a popular young fresh meat. When Yi Zecheng and Chen Jia, editor-in-chief of V magazine, came out hand in hand, the cheers were loud. Huo Ci sat down in the audience, looking at him in a black suit dress, tall and straight, handsome face in the spotlight, shining, when the big screen behind him, even Huo Ci could not help laughing. Her Mr. Yi, no matter where he is, is the focus of the crowd. It's like she first noticed him at the bar. Yi Zecheng stretched out his hand to adjust the height of the microphone for Chen Jia, the editor-in-chief next to him. There was another wave of cheers. The editor-in-chief looked at the audience with a slight smile and said, "I don't think this cheer is for me, is it?" Laughter rang out, and the editor-in-chief squinted at Yi Zecheng next to him. "It was the first time I saw Mr. Yi in the background just now. I didn't expect that the organizer of the Media Award would have so much face to invite Mr. Yi to open this award with me." With that, she turned her head and looked somewhere under the stage. She hesitated a little and said with a tease, "But when I saw the people sitting under the stage, I don't think the organizer has face. It should be someone who has face." It has to be said that the cameraman invited by the media awards today is really clever. When the editor-in-chief said this sentence, he gave the camera to Huo Ci in the audience for the first time. Obviously, everyone knows that she is the one who has the face in the editor's mouth. Huo Ci did not evade the sudden cut of the camera, and said hello to the stage in a big way. When she first entered the fashion circle after winning international awards,iron nail machine, Chen Jia, editor-in-chief of V, was the first person to appreciate her. Chen Jia even gave her the anniversary issue of V to shoot. It is not too much to say that Chen Jia is her talent scout. So she knew that Chen Jia's teasing was well-intentioned. 3shardware.com