"Go and find someone!" Qin Ange answered smoothly. Zhong Ling thought: Now? Dressed like that? It can't be to find a prince or a princess! The biggest possibility is to find him, Childe Yi! Thinking of this, Zhong Ling immediately stopped him and said, "He's not in Shengdu recently!" "What?" I go Like a deflated leather ball, Qin Ange gave up and collapsed on the tea couch with the word'big '. Qingfeng said that although he did not know who the "he" in Zhong Ling's mouth referred to, he roughly understood one or two things and knew that it would definitely not be the Seven Princes. So he went to the Eight Immortals table, picked up the teapot, poured a cup of herbal tea, and brought it to Qin Ange. "Master," he exhorted, "the maidservant estimates that this prince will come back early.." When Qin Ange heard this, he was completely puzzled. He immediately sat up and asked, "Why?" Qingfeng shook a clever smile and replied with a smile: "This is not'Zhu Yu 'in front of it!" "What do you mean?" Qin Ange had roughly guessed a few points in his mind and still asked. Master, think about it! Wang Ye just saw General Sima, the model of his beloved wife. How could he not think of his master? What Qingfeng said is true. It's like I saw it with my own eyes. However, really let the breeze guess right, Su Muran went down very early this morning, and as soon as he came back, he went straight to Yunshu Courtyard. At this time,lamella clarifer, Qin Ange, disheveled, was telling jokes with Zhong Ling and Qingfeng, laughing and rolling on the tea couch. Warm autumn, warm screen, warm heart, warm Xi saw Su Muran come over,disc air diffuser, originally intended to remind, a few people in the room. However, Nuanqiu considered that what the masters were talking about inside was not a matter of importance. Remind, on the contrary, it seems superfluous and superfluous. Then, give warm heart they made a look. He saluted Su Muran, and that was the end of the matter. Su Muran naturally, straight into the side hall. Qin Ange saw Su Muran's arrival and did not feel half surprised. Instead, as soon as he saw Su Muran, he pulled Su Muran directly and said, "I tell you, Qingfeng just told a joke, which is funny!" It was like acting like a spoiled child. When Zhong Ling and Qingfeng saw this, they immediately made a salute to the two masters and quietly retreated, fine bubble diffuser ,rapid sand filters, closing the door by the way. Su Muran gazed at Qin Ange affectionately and gently straightened Qin Ange's messy hair. "What's a good joke?" He said tenderly. And, in that tone, there is also a lot of spoiling. Chapter 118 Iron-blooded Tenderness (5). "Just." Before Qin An had finished speaking, she turned her eyes and raised her eyebrows. Then she said mischievously, "Do you want to hear it?" "I want to hear everything you say!" When did you change sex? The mouth is so sweet! Qin Ange Jiao said angrily. Su Muran eyes with the light of love, a smile, a turn to sit on the tea couch, conveniently, Qin Ange into the arms, feeling the warm fragrance in the arms of warm jade. "Do you like it?" He whispered in Qin Ange's ear. Qin Ange hooked Su Muran's neck with a pair of small hands as white as jade, and said shyly, "I like it.." …… Spring night is a good companion, and flowers bloom three times. Share the warm fragrance of lingering talk. The next day, Qin Ange woke up, and the morning light had already filled half of the room. Su Muran had already got up and went to court. Qin Ange stroked the silk sheet and smiled happily. At this time, Qingfeng came in with a basin of washing water and put it on the shelf beside the bed. With a smile on his face, he came to Qin Ange. He bent over and said, "Lord, it's time to get up. I've made an appointment with Miss Lan to enjoy the lotus." Qin Ange was very reluctant to get up from the bed, wipe his face and wash. Then he dressed up carefully. He wore a floor-sweeping brocade robe with dark patterns of apricot yellow, a red gold embroidered moire brocade belt around his waist, and a pair of thick soled shoes with woven gold brocade. The hair bun was decorated with several golden steps inlaid with pink sapphires, while the hands were each wearing a transparent red jade bracelet. Set out in a brocade sedan chair and went to the Taihe Garden. Qin Ange asked Zhong Ling and Qingfeng to follow him, while the others stayed in the outer room and waited. At this time, Lan Muyan had arrived first, and as soon as he saw Qin Ange stepping into the garden, he got up from the chair of the pavilion and came to greet him. Qin Ange looked at her and said, "Today, Lan Muyan is wearing a fresh-water red brocade robe, a rose-red brocade belt around her waist, and a pair of thick-soled shoes made of plain brocade.". The bun was decorated with two gold steps set with rubies. Walking Tingting. How long have you been here? Qin Ange smiled at Lan Muyan. I haven't been here long! Lan Muyan smiled implicitly. Have you had breakfast? Qin Ange asked with concern. Used it! Where's my sister? Lan Muyan asked in reply. Qin Ange smiled helplessly, glanced at Qingfeng, and smiled back at Lan Muyan: "Do you think I may not have eaten it?" Lan Muyan covered her mouth with a smile and said, "That means they are devoted to their sister!" "Do your best, really do your best." Qin Ange could only comment in this way. Sister, let's go over there and have a look! Lan Muyan changed the subject, pulled one of Qin Ange's sleeves, and pointed with her right hand to another road made of stones with no shelter on both sides and a slightly wider line of sight. Isn't that the seven princesses and the eldest lady of the blue family? On the other side of the hexagonal pavilion, a young lady in an orange-red brocade robe looked at Qin Ange and said to another lady of the same age in a purple and white brocade robe. Hasn't she made an in-laws yet? The lady, dressed in a purple and white brocade robe, asked knowingly, with sarcasm in her words, and said deliberately. I don't know about that. The young lady,fine bubble diffuser, who had heard something wrong in her companion's words, did not want to take up the conversation, and replied with some embarrassment. Are we going to say hello to them? Or just go? Qin Ange lowered his voice and asked for Lan Muyan's consent. Because this "hello" is not a normal hello!. khnwatertreatment.com