Don't talk nonsense, how much is this drawing? I've already paid a lot of money for the drawing of the fifth level, and with it, I can quickly burn the level of swordsmanship to the fifth level. After the swordsmanship rises to the fifth level, you can refine the flying sword of the fifth order, and the flying sword of the fifth order is absolutely the most popular commodity in the current market. A flying sword with the most common attributes of the five orders can be sold at a high price of at least seven or eight thousand. If the attributes are better, some people will rush to get it. If we can make some fifth-order flying swords to sell at this time, then the money will not flow into the stinky pocket like water? It's no wonder that he cares so much about this drawing. Although the magic book is good, it's definitely not as important as this fourth-order drawing for stinky. Which one of us is with whom? I'll give it to you! Even if this drawing is sold, it will not be more expensive than the first order drawing, but just smelly needs it, if the water thought about it, it would be better to sell a favor. Besides, if you give the drawings to Stinky, can he make money without meaning? "Really?" Stinky was ecstatic to put the drawing into his arms, and then asked pitifully, "Don't you regret it?" "His mother has a gold ring, and everything is put away to say such cheap words, you are too fake, right?"? Besides,PET bottle Mold, are you out of your mind? Ownership has not been transferred, and you are still mine in your arms. "Damn it, I forgot about that!" “…… I really lost to you! Trading the drawings to the excited stinky, Ruoshui touched his chin and said, "It's no problem to give you the drawings, but.." "But what?" Stinky immediately took a picture of the drawing and learned it first, for fear that Ruoshui would go back on his word. Damn it,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, you beast! Ruoshui rolled his eyes, "I want to say that it's no problem to give you the drawings. Do you have the ability to help me refine a better flying sword?" Chapter 77 the use of the heavenly body. "Don't you have two of the best of the fourth order?"? Why are you not greedy enough? "Who thinks they have too much, don't you?" Ruoshui laughed lewdly, raised his eyebrows and threw a wink in the past. Wait a minute. I'll throw up first. After waiting for smelly to one side to spit and spit and spit, he pulled open the skill bar to see what the material needed for the solo sword was in the skill of refining swordsmanship. Let me see.. Cold iron, floating crystal.. Fortunately, Tianpengyu is a little more expensive in the material, and I still have a lot of other things in stock. Yeah, it's not a big problem to get swordsmanship up to level five. Stinky found that there was nothing particularly difficult to get materials after the gas immediately thick a lot, although the material needs of the lone sword cumbersome, but also difficult to have a large number of materials in stock of professional businessmen. As for the materials needed for the Fifth Order Flying Sword, Stinky has been preparing for a long time. As long as the level is reached, it's no problem to give him two or three mouthfuls in one breath. Nuo, look at the attributes of this sword. Stinky passed the attribute on the drawing of his fifth-order flying sword to Ruoshui and said proudly, liquid bottle filling machine ,water filling machine, "Wait a day or two. After I burn the skill to the fifth level, I can refine this. When the time comes, I will sell you a mouthful at the cost price. Is it enough?" Dian Kun Wu: Five-rank Flying Sword, a thick and steady sword of thunder and lightning. When it flies, it looks like a huge rock in the sky. When launching an attack, there is a chance to launch a lightning attack effect. To be honest, although this thing is a fifth-order flying sword with high attack power, it has no other additional attributes, and its speed is also very general. It belongs to the kind of heavy weapon that is powerful but difficult to hit the enemy. It is quite different from the light and fast way of the general flying sword. Such a thing is nothing in the eyes of a master operator. Of course, if you sell this sword now, you'll get eight or nine thousand taels of gold. Good stuff, how much is it? Asked Ruoshui. Five thousand gold. Stinky easily quoted a figure, of course, the price is not particularly expensive, especially in the fourth order magic weapon has been copied to several thousands of yuan now. Shit, so expensive? Ruoshui was almost choked to death by his own saliva. Why don't you just grab it? "Is it expensive?" Stinky pointed to the materials needed to refine the sword and said, "Go and see for yourself. These materials have no market price now. Five thousand is definitely the lowest price.". ” "However," Stinky came to a big gasp, took a look at Ruoshui, and then said with a painful face: "For the sake of the drawings you sent me, three thousand gold let you!" "Well, three thousand yuan is still very expensive. Can you give it away for nothing?" Said Ruoshui Tian with a face. Stinky looked at Ruoshui with a contemptuous look and pointed to the door with a clear meaning, "Get out!" "Don't be like that, I'm very poor." "Just take out your things and sell them. I'll take your surname for less than eight thousand taels." Smelly said lightly, pretending to be poor in front of a professional businessman is as pure as playing broadsword in front of Guan Gong. You are cruel. After you help me sell these things, you can deduct them yourself. Ruoshui gave all the things on the table to Stinky and told him, "Don't forget that these things should not be sold to the people of the Tianlong Sect, especially this Taoist book." "Oh, if you don't say it, I'll forget it. How about it? Have you been in trouble with the Tianlong Sect recently?" "Can you still make trouble for me with those small samples?"? To tell you the truth, today I just killed one of their masters, that is, the sleepless monster who caused trouble last time and robbed him. You blow it, if they don't know who you are, they would have killed you. However, these good things can't be sold to them. The people of Tianlong Sect are all poor, and few of them can afford the price. Ruoshui just gave a wry smile in his heart: Now they know. Then listen to listen to feel a little wrong, "if they give more money, you dare to support the enemy?" "Ha ha ha ha, today's weather is really good, you see, that dark cloud is so low!" Ruoshui thought about it, but decided to let go of the guy who only recognized money, and took out another thing from the magic bag and threw it to the smelly who was still pretending. This is Stinky only glanced at the body on his hand,water bottle packaging machine, and the expression on his face changed immediately. Any player who has manufacturing auxiliary skills, when he sees the same best material, his expression will become the same as that of smelly now.