With a sound, Gao Sen was like a big meat ball, wearing a five-meter-long lance on the head of the gun, and was held high and slanting up to the sky by Jess. What is tacit cooperation? Obviously, these guys interpret "tacit understanding" very well. Although their individual strength is far less than Gao Sen, but with a series of non-stop continuous and gorgeous attacks, Gao Sen successfully put on. What a fool to be cleaned up by such a few waste, shame, shame! "Forgetful worry is very unhappy to complain." It's not all his fault. Those guys are shameless enough to use the power of the Magic Tower even if four of them fight one. He was so poor that he said with a wry smile, "But then again, the two armies did everything they could to fight. Besides, they didn't say explicitly at the beginning that they wouldn't be allowed to use it. Gao Sen, a dumb man, suffered a lot. Alas, who called his brain benzene?" "Even if he is, he is my slave. I can fight him, but no one else can.". No, I can't let him throw me away like this. Where is Liroya? Why don't you come? You should ask her to pull it! The temper of forgetting worries and protecting shortcomings has come up again. Don't worry, Gao Sen's cursed body makes him as strong as the immortal cockroach. How can it be so easy to be solved? There are still battles to be fought! "Li Ruoya is hiding on the opposite side of us," he said with a smile. "At the critical moment, she will make a move, but now let Gao Sen enjoy it. I think it's really time to beat his arrogance. How crazy do you think he is? It's a death wish to attack a city alone. "Even if you die, you have to die in my hands. I am the master of my slaves. You can't let this pile of scrap iron be arrogant!" Forgetful and discontented tunnel. The poor way smiled and did not answer,Magnesium Oxide MgO, but continued to pay attention to the following situation. After the Golden Knight Jess successfully put on Golson, he was surprised to see that the meat ball, which had been cut off most of its body and shot into its chest, was not dead, but was healing its wounds. The huge wound caused by the waist cut with little effort can not be seen. Jess was so startled that he hurriedly concentrated all his light and holy power on the head of the gun, intending to burn Gorson, a powerful dark creature. Roar! Gao Sen, however, endured great pain,Magnesium Oxide powder, grabbed the barrel of the gun with both hands, then pushed it hard, pulled his body out of the head of the gun, and then fell back to the ground. While seizing the time to recover, he ferociously said: "Gao Sen Nu La!" Then he rushed up and gave Jess, the Golden Knight, a fat beating. Jace the Golden Knight hurries to ward off Golson's attack. But he alone a static knight, how can block the violent Gao Sen, was soon Gao Sen broke through the defense, close to the front. Golson broke the knight's horse's front leg with his first punch and fell as the horse screamed. Jess, the Golden Knight, also carried him down, and then he was beaten by Golson's fast and powerful fist so that he could not find the north. Jess, who is about four meters tall, did not stand up after he dismounted and fell. In less than a few breaths, he took more than a dozen punches from Gao Sen in succession. There was a clanging of iron. By the time the two warriors in the distance came to meet him, diammonium phosphate fertilizer ,Magnesium Oxide powder, the poor Golden Knight Jess had already smashed his man and horse so hard that he couldn't get up, and all parts of his body were out of shape. Especially the face, originally convex, now the whole concave, completely unable to distinguish the facial features, as if it had been hit by a sledgehammer dough, not to mention how pitiful. Fire fighters Parker and Tomahawk fighters reincarnation saw his brother was beaten like this, immediately furious, desperate to attack Gao Sen. Gao Sen was even more eager, so the three men fought together. Three metal fighters may not be able to beat Gao Sen. The two were not successful at all, and they were soon overwhelmed by Gao Sen's strong offensive. The two big men clanged and were beaten in circles by the flexible Gao Sen, but because of their big stature, they had no way to deal with the flexible Gao Sen. The axe fists could not rub against Gao Sen's body, and they were all waving blindly. Had it not been for the great containment of the archers on the wall, the two big men would have been brought down long ago. At this time, the biggest bright spot on the battlefield is undoubtedly only Gao Sen, but the performance of the archer, also have to let the poor dare to admire. The white metal man named Hayate has been standing on the wall, about 400 meters away from the battlefield, but the arrow in his hand, like a long eye, always appears in the most critical position at the most critical moment, and always gives Gao Sen the greatest containment. Moreover, when this guy saw that Gao Sen's head and heart were not the key points, he immediately changed to shoot Gao Sen's joints, with special emphasis on the knee and elbow joints. Several times, when Gao Sen showed a flaw, he pierced it in one fell swoop. If the elbow joint is injured, Gao Sen will not be able to punch, and if the knee joint is injured, Gao Sen's action will be greatly affected. At this time, the two big men who are completely at a disadvantage can get back some initiative. Gao Sen was so angry that there was nothing he could do. At this time, the wound on the Golden Knight Jess gradually recovered. He slowly got up, pulled out the sword beside him, and joined the battle group again. This is three to one, plus an archer's containment, although Gao Sen still has the upper hand, but want to win these three guys, it is not easy, the situation for a time reached a deadlock. Fool, it takes half a day to clean up these four wastes! "These guys all have the ability to recover automatically," he said discontentedly. "According to Gao Sen's way of playing, I'm afraid this battle won't be over until next year!" "Yes, this kind of thing that is good at recovery is the most difficult to do. We don't have much time to spend. There are people waiting for us outside." Poor way also embarrassed way, "why don't we get involved?"? Presumably, after dealing with these four guys, the owner of the city should come out automatically. When the time comes, we'll be ready to come out! "All right, get it done early!" "That depends on you," he said with a smile. Me? I'm coming? "I was going to ask you to do it," he said with a wry smile. What do you want them to do? Knock the guy's sucker on the city's head? "Since it's my husband's intention,calcium ammonium nitrate price," he said with a nifty smile, "I don't want to be in trouble." Although she said it easily, she had no intention of doing anything. stargrace-magnesite.com